I Byn - Kylässä
With Johan Grönlund and Piia Sieppi
Stundars outdoor museum, Solf, Finland, 2008

Photo credits: Piia Sieppi and Leif Strengell

Luovon luomat - Hailuoto meidän silmin, Luoto Gallery, Hailuoto, Finland, 2016
Hrísey - Með okkar augum, Sæborg, Hrísey, Iceland, 2016

Two exhibitions in collaboration with residents and visitors aiming to make visible how this community, people who live on an island, see their home environment. Residents loaned their artworks, pictures, objects and texts especially for the exhibition. Displayed work connected to themes like nature, home and sea. The residents´ work was juxtaposed with visitors viewpoints on the same environment through the drawings and artwork exhibited.

Luovon luomat - Hailuoto meidän silmin, 
Luoto Gallery, Hailuoto, Finland, 2016

Photo credits: Mikko Mathlin, Petri Heikkinen, Riikka Mathlin

Hrísey - Með okkar augum
Sæborg, Hrísey, Iceland, 2016

Photo credits: Robert Foster