Old School Art House, Hrísey, Iceland, 2020

Observations on vanishing and temporality using garden waste together with lights and shadows that synchronized in the atelier.

Hair + Nails Gallery, Minneapolis, USA, 2017

“Mari’s exhibition will feature process-led work, informed by her materials. Her process allows the chain of events leading up to the finished installation to link each piece, through previously occurring and subsequent stages of development. Utilizing parchment paper, cellophane, tin foil, black paint, water and lighting, Mari’s installation explores interconnectivity, creating an environment that blurs the line between process and product, physically allowing the viewer inside of her working process. The title of the exhibition can be understood to contain a multitude of meanings, suggesting that each piece has been loaded with both conscious and unconsciously occurring stories and narratives by the artist as well as the audience.” Margaret Coleman

Luovon luomat - Hailuoto meidän silmin, Luoto Gallery, Hailuoto, Finland, 2016
Hrísey - Með okkar augum, Sæborg, Hrísey, Iceland, 2016

Two exhibitions in collaboration with residents and visitors aiming to make visible how this community, people who live on an island, see their home environment. Residents loaned their artworks, pictures, objects and texts especially for the exhibition. Displayed work connected to themes like nature, home and sea. The residents´ work was juxtaposed with visitors viewpoints on the same environment through the drawings and artwork exhibited.

Hrísey - Með okkar augum
Sæborg, Hrísey, Iceland, 2016

Photo credits: Robert Foster

Luovon luomat - Hailuoto meidän silmin,
Luoto Gallery, Hailuoto, Finland, 2016

Photo credits: Mikko Mathlin, Petri Heikkinen, Riikka Mathlin

The Nordic House, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2013

Installation, light works and travel journals

Our cultural and personal background defines our understanding of nature and the way we look at and depict it. My aim is not to visualize a specific place. Instead I seek to enter into a dialogue with an environment that I can relate to and where I can experience a feeling of home. Being intuitive and process lead, my artistic practice examines the possibilities and boundaries of drawing, printing and installation. It is a continuous enquiry into the properties of media where one work generates the next.

The Nordic Art School. Kokkola, Finland, 2011

Light installations and the soundscape by Laura Iso-Metsälä

I Byn - Kylässä
With Johan Grönlund and Piia Sieppi
Stundars outdoor museum, Solf, Finland, 2008

From the press release:  How can we create a dialogue between the present and the past without distorting a fantasy-like atmosphere of the surroundings of the museum? We noticed that the area lacked an essential landmark, a church. Even though the social role of the church has dramatically changed, and its importance has reduced since the period Stundars outdoor museum represents, the church buildings and the institution still hold an important position in the society. Like around the outdoor museum, we wanted our work to function in lively dialogue with the visitors. Three benches set up at the museum area invite visitors to take a seat and listen to what kind of feelings and thoughts arise while seated. As a model, we have used the benches at Solf Church, which stands in the background.

Photo credits: Piia Sieppi and Leif Strengell

Paintings, drawings and mixed media work
G5, Oulu, Finland, 2007

Populus tremula, Akureyri, Iceland, 2004